Six Steps to Confident Conversations With Your Child

Hello F.U.N. friends!

You want to have FUN conversations with your littles. 

But you're busy.

You don't have time to try to google information about how to make that happen.

Then when you do, how complicated it is becomes a chore. A mountain list of things to do. It can't be this hard.

So how do you make that happen?

They don't call me the F.U.N. Coach for no reason. My mission is all about making conversations FUN. 

So I wanna share with you six steps to having these FUN conversations with your littles while building so much confidence.

1. Concept. What is the idea that you are trying to get across to your little? Got a hard conversation you want to have with your littles and just don't know how to tackle it? Start here. For example, let's say that you're having troubles with your littles listening. You can start out with the concept and say, "today we're gonna create a story about a little human who listens to their parents." So whatever the skill you want to teach, start with the concept.

Check out the video showing you how to tell stories using this framework. 

2. Character. Who is the main player in your story? If you are teaching your child something, they would be the main character in the story. And they will love to hear you speaking about them so I'd say do it!

3. Conflict. What is the problem you want to solve for your main player? So keeping with the same concept of listening, let's say we want our main character to practice good habits of listening to their parents. What does it look like when they don't listen? Be sure to include that in your story because your little human is paying attention and you want them to absorb this information. Grab your story cards here. 

4. Confidant. Who's the friend that can help your main player solve their problem? Now here's my favorite part in the framework. Teamwork. When you introduce a confidant into each story, you are also advocating for teamwork because you are teaching your little that with the help of a trusted person, you can make awesome things happen. So insert yourself as the confidant as much as possible. Why? Then you are intentionally building the skill of influence. 

5. Call to Action. What do you need to do to solve the problem? Now that you have introduced the confidant, what is it you both need to do in order to make it happen? So if we are still talking about your child listening, what can you as the confidant do together with your child to make it happen? Can you stop and look at your little whenever you want them to pay attention to you? Like, model the behavior? Then do that. And watch your conversations become better and better.

6. Conclusion. How does the story end? Now that you have all of the parts together, how does your story end? Does the child listen? How does that make them feel? What affect does it have on the parent? And how can we have more of this? Be sure to practice these steps in each conversation to build confidence faster. Check out the ultimate confidence bundle today to help you succeed. Grab it here.