Who Are the Confidence Crusaders?

Okay so let's talk about why I created the Confidence Crusaders.

Better yet, I wrote a rap about it. 

Here goes.

There once was a mother (me) 3 children to raise

Frustration is where she spent most of her days

Kids all unique and one was WILD (the BOY!)

But what they had in common? Communication style!

Because she was busy she came up with a plan

To get creative with communication

Teaching all the kids to communicate

Bad behavior? Nah. She eliminated it!

Building character, confidence and conversation

With these FUN keys revealed information

The family connected via story creators

And now I present the Confidence Crusaders!

You got Cooper he'll help you work as a team

With Conflict Resolution if you know what I mean

Creati V will add some flare and style

Because Critical Thinker may take awhile

Then you have Curi Osity

She tags along with them as she builds empathy

All of them together helps Communi shine through

As you unlock your confidence too!

Kinda catchy huh? Well these are the characters and their superpowers which helps me build these skills in your little humans.

Help your littles become best friends with these characters.

Grab your Confidence Crusaders FUN pack now.