Confidence Crusaders Magnet and Storyboard set


This Blank Magnetic Storyboard and Magnet Set for Kids is the only set they need if kids love to create stories...

This magnet and reusable dry-erase storyboard help you create your own stories. We know that kids love creating their own stories and because these are magnets, you can reuse this over and over again for endless storytelling fun. 

They spend hours creating, drawing and writing their stories, you will be surprised at what they come up with when given the right tools. This blank storyboard will keep budding communicators busy for hours.

Want to learn how to connect with your child? Grab this set and get ready to have loads of FUN with your child(ren) while building confidence in a major way. Use this magnet and storyboard set to build FUN stories while connecting with your little ones. 

Storytelling skills build character, confidence, and communication so set aside some family time and create cool stories. 

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